New website launched to support the CEG in its challenge process

Today the CEG for UK Power Networks has launched its website to promote and support the two-year programme of work it will be undertaking across UK Power Networks’ three regions – London, the East and the South East – assessing how well the company’s plans reflect the results of stakeholder and customer engagement and research.

The CEG has been tasked, in line with guidance from energy regulator Ofgem, to do all it can to ensure that UK Power Networks has properly taken account of the needs and preferences of stakeholders and network users in its business plan for 2023 to 2028. The CEG works independently of UK Power Networks and Ofgem, drawing on a range of skills, experience and expertise within and outside the Group.

The new website will provide a mechanism for customers, stakeholders, network users and other interested parties to engage with the CEG and provide relevant input to the Group’s thinking and its challenge to the company.

Visitors to the CEG website will be able to access the latest information on the work being carried out by the CEG, including meeting minutes and presentations and information on the issues the Group is raising with UK Power Networks as part of its challenge process.

The site also provides a facility for people to contact the CEG with any questions about its role and its work, and to suggest areas to which the CEG should pay particular attention.

Commenting on the website launch, the chair of the CEG for UK Power Networks, Ann Bishop, said: “The CEG has started its journey at a time when Net Zero is an increasingly pressing issue for energy network companies, their customers and the wider energy system to address. Delivering Net Zero will require difficult choices and tradeoffs to be made, often in an uncertain context. The CEG’s website will play a valuable role in communicating and seeking feedback on how and where the CEG is challenging UK Power Networks to consider the views and priorities of customers when making these difficult choices and tradeoffs”.